Grzegorz Kupczyk – rock vocalist, musician, producer, arranger,
Born in Poznan, Poland on the 20th November 1958.

The Beginnings - from 1965 to 1980:
Grzegorz’s first steps on the stage were taken at the age of 7, in 1965, during his first public performance in Międzyzdroje. When he was 14 (1972 ), he started his first vocal group. One of Grzegorz Kupczyk’s first rock bands, in which the artist played the bass guitar, was DE LUXE, created in 1973. The next band was WBREW, the one in which he started to perform in his natural role - as a vocalist, in 1974. Year 1975 was the time of QUANT, where he also sang. QUANT was the first half-professional band working at the Culture Palace in Poznań (at present Cultural Center ZAMEK). In 1977 Grzegorz was a vocalist, bass player and acoustic guitar player in ARES, which was a trio at first, to became a band with as many as 7 members. The drummer at the time was Piotr Krystek, later the second vocalist of TURBO. In between the early bands the Artist performed in duo BUM (Grzegorz – guitar, vocal; Marek Kołodziej – bass guitar). In a professional recording studio Grzegorz Kupczyk debuted in 1978, when he recorded three songs, a ballad Sen (Dream) among the others, in Poznań Radio Merkury. At that time he played concerts with KONTRAST, which was then awarded the first prize at Polanica Zdrój Song Festival. Also at that time he began to cooperate with Andrzej Sobczak (who later wrote lyrics for Turbo) and Ryszard Kniat (KLINCZ). Years 1979/80 were the period of S.E.J.F [Skomercjalizowane Elementy Jazzująco – Filingujące (Commercialized Jazzy- Feeling Elements)] – a student formation playing different kinds of music, hard-rock covers among others. In 1979 Grzegorz Kupczyk began to perform in KREDYT with Andrzej Łysów, later a guitarist with TURBO, and a drummer Rysiek Olexy. The musicians of that group have received all possible awards at the STOMIL Culture House Festival, together with the honourable mentioning for the guitarists and a drummer, and a first prize with a professional studio session. Grzegorz then recorded three songs: Blues na kredyt (Blues on Credit), Przemijanie (Fading Away) and Widmo (Apparition).

Period of TURBO, NON IRON, CETI - years 1980 – 2012
* 1980 – 1995 - The First 15 Years of Career:

12.12.1980 – Grzegorz became the vocalist of Turbo. That day marks the beginning of the fully professional career, which can be divided into three main periods of time, when he simultaneously was the vocalist of three important for the Polish Rock history bands: Turbo, Ceti and Non Iron. It actually lasted until 2007, when he definitely broke up with Turbo, to commit solely to his own formation CETI, which he has been working with to this day. Those periods might be defined as follows:

- from 12.12.1980 to 1989 – the vocalist of TURBO (as well as between 1995 and 2007 when the band was reactivated)
- between 1988 and 1991 – cooperation with NON IRON
- from 1989 – worked with CETI, founded together with Maria Marihuana Wietrzykowska

From 1984 to 1989 the Artist studied and graduated from Vocal Department of Fryderyk Chopin Music School in Poznań, with the title of Musician-Vocalist, specialization: solo singing.

The story of the first important group in Grzegorz’s life - Turbo, is also a very meaningful element of his artistic biography. His impact on the popularity of the group during its best and the most successful period is unquestionable, as the history and the legend of the group is hugely based on the appreciation for the original and unique voice and personality of its frontman. It definitely reached its peak during Grzegorz’s time in the group. To complete the story itself it must be added that the band was created in January 1980 in Poznań, and its founder was a bass player Henryk Tomczak (earlier a musician of Stress and Heam). The band’s first formations debuted with its materials as early as 1980, and one of them performed at JAROCIN festival at the same year with its first vocalist Wojciech Sowula, who was at the end of the year replaced with Piotr Krystek. He was the one to record with Turbo 4 songs: Śmiej się błaźnie (Laugh, Clown), Fabryka keksów (Fruit Cake Factory) by Zbyszek Hołdys (later adopted with great success by Grzegorz and actually associated with him to this day), Taka właśnie jest muzyka (That’s What Music’s Like), Jeszcze jeden papieros (One More Cigarette). At that moment, i.e. December 1980, Grzegorz enters the group’s history, making it actually his own history, as the most recognized and charismatic vocalist of the formation. The history which, with a break, lasted until 2007 when the Artist definitely left the band. In 1980, Wojciech Hoffmann and Anioła were joined by young musicians from Poznań: Grzegorz Kupczyk (vocal), Andrzej Łysów (guitar) and Piotr Przybylski (bass guitar), and two years later (mainly due to historical changes such as martial state in Poland) in 1982, Grzegorz and Turbo recorded their first famous album Dorosłe dzieci (Grown Up Children). Apart from the legendary hit of the same title, it contained many other great hits, such as Grzegorz Kupczyk’s original Pozorne życie (Feigned Life). At the break of 1983 and 1984, Przybylski was replaced by Bogusz Rutkiewicz. In 1985 came out the second long play of the group entitled Smak Ciszy (Taste of Silence) featuring, among others, the song Już nie z Tobą (Not With You Anymore), which became another of Grzegorz’s original great hits. It can be certainly said that, apart from Grown Up Children which became famous thanks to his exceptional interpretation, to all great Turbo hits Grzegorz contributed not only the magic of his amazing voice, but also his talents as both composer and author of lyrics, creating or co-creating them. At that period, Turbo was invited to perform at The Rock Arena Festival, where they played together with Kat, next to bands such as Hanoi Rocks or Pretty Maids. In 1986 came out Kawaleria szatana (Satan Cavalry), considered to be the most important heavy metal album of the 80’s in Poland – the album which became the milestone in Polish Metal history, and is still adored by fans. It must be stressed that the album was mainly Grzegorz Kupczyk’s work, including the lyrics, as well as the overall sound and music idea. And although there are many ‘creators’ ready to claim the credit for the album – though in fact they were put there because of royalties (so called zaiksy, which were than shared equally between all musicians), in fact there were only two artists who were its true authors: Grzegorz Kupczyk and Wojciech Hoffman. Sadly, that mistake has its consequences to this day, creating chaos and misunderstandings appearing even in so called serious magazines often printing that falsified history of the album so important for many fans. As mentioned above, that third album with Grzegorz Kupczyk was recorded at the break of 1985 and 1986 in Giełda Recording Studio in Poznań. It was again issued in re-mastered version in 2000 by Metal Mind Records. Right after the first issue the band received many invitations to appear at big rock festivals, and Turbo with Grzegorz Kupczyk performed among others at Metalmania 86, Rockowisko 86 and Jarocin 87. From then on, together with TSA and Kat, they created ‘The Big Three of Polish Metal’. In 1987 they performed at another Metalmania, with Halloween, Running Wild and Overkill, among others. The same year came out a new, also greatly appreciated album Ostatni wojownik (Last Warrior). At that time Grzegorz and Turbo sign a contract with German producer Noise Records, which was called by media ‘The Contact of the Century’, and led to the issue of the English version of the Last Warrior. The album came out all over the world and received excellent reviews in the magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Vox or Metal Blade. After another Metalmania in1988, at which Grzegorz Kupczyk and his band performed among others with German group Rage, they were invited to participate in the tour with Kreator, and Poland was consumed with hysterical ‘Turbomania’. The concerts at the biggest in Eastern Europe rock festivals of the 80’s (among others the famous night concert in Jarocin, Poland for 20 000 people) were enthusiastically received. In1988 Grzegorz and Turbo recorded the first in their history live concert album entitled Alive, and showing the Metalmania Festival 87 concert. 1989 brought some very important changes, the bass player Bogusz Rutkiewicz left the group, and was replaced by Andrzej Łysów who till then played the guitar, and the band was joined by a new guitarist Robert ‘Litza’ Friedrich (leader of just starting then Acid Drinkers). Also at that time had its beginning Grzegorz’s group CETI. Later the same year came out the album Epidemic, issued by Italian record company Metalmaster, and at TVP’s request Grzegorz recorded with both CETI and Turbo musicians soundtrack for Andrzej Szczygieł movie Red Inter Show, which he co-created. The film shows the rise and fall of the communistic regime. In 1989, 1990 and a year later Grzegorz recorded three albums with NON IRON: recorded for Veriton in 1989 Innym niepotrzebni (Not Needed by Others) where Grzegorz featured as a guest, and albums Candles & Rain issued in 1990 by Metal Mind Productions and Non Iron '91 by Polton, later taken over by Warner Music, who released also Grown Up Children and Last Warrior. NON IRON albums with Grzegorz become famous thanks to many great hits such as written by Grzegorz Aksamitny Sen (Velvet Dream), which is still hugely popular. After the years, a video of the song was made, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Artist’s work. At that period Grzegorz left Turbo for the first time, in 1994. Five years before that first break up of Turbo, in 1989, he started his own group CETI. It must be added that between 1989 and 1995 he was the only active and successful with his own projects (both solo and with CETI) musician of Turbo. Starting from 1989 when they debuted with the album Czarna róża (Black Rose) featuring Czesław Niemen – the musical idol of the Artist, he recorded with CETI 15 albums, creating both exceptional and very personal, consistent with Grzegorz’s ideals, well-known and still recognizable sound of CETI. The official date of the beginning of the group is the 12th of October 1989. The name comes from the 1971 NASA project searching for extra-terrestrial civilizations (Communication With Extra-terrestrial Intelligence), and the idea originated in Grzegorz’s fascination in science-fiction and the outer space. The first album of CETI Czarna róża (Black Rose) 1989 came out on both LP and CD, and was re-edited on MC in 2004, and the song written by Grzegorz Kupczyk and Maria Wietrzykowska entitled Na progu serca (At the Doorstep of the Heart) was Grzegorz and CETI’s first big hit, which occupied the tops of the radio music lists for weeks. At the time the group consisted of Grzegorz Kupczyk (vocal, bass guitar), Marihuana (keyboards), Andrzej Łysów (guitar), Jacek Jabłoński (drums). Later it was joined by Maciej Przybylski (bass guitar). That configuration of musicians recorded the whole album and took part in recording of the soundtrack for Andrzej Szczygieł film Red Inter Show. The second album of CETI, the famous Lamiastrata (1992, reedited in 2004) was recorded by Grzegorz while touring with Turbo. Also then there was a change in CETI, when Marcin "Mucek" Krystek, who is playing with them to this day, became their drummer. Then CETI created another new material and toured all over the Poland and abroad, in West Germany among others. Good hard rock music and fairy-tale lyrics of Lamiastrata brought them huge success. The biggest hit of the album – the title song - is up to now one of the most wanted songs of the group, played for fans at all concerts. The next album made by Grzegorz with CETI was the recording of concerts in West Germany and in Jarocin, Poland from 1992, entitled Extasy'93. In 1994, when he split up with Turbo, Grzegorz continued his artistic activity and recorded another album with CETI entitled Rasizm (Racism), and one of the songs called Epitafium (Epitaph) was spectacularly successful in the media and became another great hit, claiming the second place in television hit list and staying at the tops of radio lists for many weeks. In 1995 there were changes in the group again, it was joined by Valdi Moder (guitar) and Marcin Sauter (bass guitar). With those musicians the group gave concerts for about six months. The song called later Koko Dżambo came to being then, as a pastiche on disco music. It was placed on the album W imię prawa (In the Name of Law). After half a year Moder got removed from the band, and Sauter left for personal reasons. While the group looked for the appropriate new members, Grzegorz Kupczyk recorded his first solo album Moje urodziny - 15 lat (My Birthday – 15 Years), which summed up 15 years of his performing on stage. Among the guests featuring on the album were, among others, Małgorzata Ostrowska and Grzegorz Stróżniak (Lombard), Grzegorz Skawiński (ONA, Kombi), Marihuana (CETI). Three years later the album was reedited, with addition of the later hit 500 mil (500 miles) used later in the Leżajsk beer advert. In 1994 musicians from old Turbo met again and decided to reactivate, at the demand of fans, the ‘legendary metal formation’ with Grzegorz Kupczyk on vocal. On the 16th of September 1995 took place the first performance of reactivated Turbo. However, there were also changes in the group: the only remaining guitarist was Wojciech Hoffmann, and Mariusz Bobkowski became the formation’s drummer.

* Until the 20th Anniversary: from 1996 to 2000 r.
1996 was the year when CETI was joined by the guitarist Przemysław "Burza" Burzyński and the bass player Bartek Urbaniak and with them started to work on a new material. It resulted in the album W imię prawa (In the Name of Law), which got critical acclaim and was very well received by fans of modern metal. The same year Grzegorz Kupczyk and a guitarist Janusz Musielak recorded music for the Television Theater play Usta Micka Jaggera (Mick Jagger’s Lips). The play received numerous awards for music and scenario. In 1999, four years after reactivation of Turbo, Metal Mind Productions decided to reedit existing discography of the band on CDs, and Grzegorz with the band got invited to another edition of Metalmania and Trash’em All Festival. It is worth mentioning that Grzegorz Kupczyk was awarded in plebiscite Trash’em All 1990 in the category The Vocalist of the Year. Also around 1999 Turbo began working on the first after ten years album, which was going to be produced by MMP. The album Awatar (Avatar) finally came out two years later, in May 2001. After that, Grzegorz and the band received nomination to Polish Music Award ‘Fryderyki’ 2002, Metal Hammer chose Avatar The Album of the Year 2001 and Grzegorz himself took the first place in the category The Personality of the Year, in the ranking published by the magazine in 2002. The album was also released in Germany, France, Japan, Holland and the USA. A video clip was made for the track Armia (Army). At the same time the group was joined by Dominik Jokiel as a second guitarist, and the drummer was replaced by Tomasz Krzyżaniak, who recorded the drums for the bonus edition of Avatar. It was a very intense period in Grzegorz Kupczyk’s professional life – on 20.01.2000 he played the famous concert celebrating the 20th anniversary of his artistic life, performing with all the bands he sang with, i.e. Turbo, Non Iron and CETI. The concert was recorded and came out as the album Grzegorz Kupczyk i przyjaciele 20012000 (Grzegorz Kupczyk and Friends 20012000). At the end of 2000 CETI recorded the album Demony czasu (Demons of Time), considered to be the best in the group discography by many critics, the opinion confirmed also by the number of sold copies. Also in 2000 took place a sensational event – Grzegorz performed with the legendary vocalist and bass player of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath Glenn Hughes in Warsaw. “The legends together on stage!” - that was how that gig was later described. The Gentlemen performed together a number from the Deep Purple repertoire Burn!, where Grzegorz sang the vocal parts of David Coverdale, which was quite natural considering that he is perceived as ‘Polish Coverdale’ (though he is as often compared to Bruce Dickinson). Whichever comparison seems to be closer, he is simply himself – Grzegorz Kupczyk - one of the greatest rock voices.

* Towards the 30th Anniversary: from 2001 to 2012
2001 was the year of success and recognition for Grzegorz, who was then simply showered with awards: "Wodniki" nomination for the overall artistic activity, above mentioned Metal Hammer commendation in the Vocalist of the Year category; in their album ranking there was also the album of the Artist and CETI entitled Demony Czasu (Demons of Time), and the track Feniks (Phoenix) ranked fourth on the Metal Hammer readers list; Grzegorz became also highly ranked vocalist of Thrash’em All magazine, and a personality of the year 2001 of Metal Hammer, as well as the first vocalist and the second musician of the year, according to its readers. Also then CETI albums Lamiastrata and Ecstasy'93 won the interest of Polish and Western publishers. Later the same year CETI started to work with the Oskar company. It resulted in reediting in June and August 2001 of the albums enriched with unique audio and video tracks. Warm reception of the compact version of Lamiastrata surprised even its creators. From all over the world came very positive signals, such as critical acclaim in magazines like Greek True Metal Magazine or German Helion, and a lot of interest from international fans, reaching as far as Malaysia. To give an example, just one music store in Tokyo sold the album out in merely two weeks. In September 2002 the record company Oskar issued a singel Prolog (Prologue), which promoted yet another material of Grzegorz’s group CETI called Shadow Of The Angel (which came out in April 2003). The cover was designed by Jacek Wiśniewski, and the album featured the American guitarist Steve Adams (Mirage) and Peter (vocalist of Vader). In 2003, after the conflict with Metal Mind producer, Grzegorz left Turbo again for another few months. On the 16th of December 2003 Grzegorz Kupczyk played an acoustic concert with Turbo musicians, which later appeared as a bonus album for another studio album called Tożsamość (Identity). On the 15th of February 2004 CETI played their 15th anniversary concert, which was registered and came out as a double concert album and a DVD. Around that time the guitarist Przemysław "Burza" Burzyński left CETI and his place took Bartek Sadura. The new member of the group was well received, and they prepared for another tour to the West as well as the tour with Vader. Grzegorz was also involved in some solo projects at the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006, taking part in Peter’s (Vader) solo project - Panzer-X (album Steel Fist), two CETI compilations: The Best From Light Zone vol.1 with bonus DVD material and The Best From Hard Zone vol.2, as well as a great album inspired by Grzegorz entitled Memories and recorded with the help of Kruk, containing the biggest standards kept in the style of their times. That last project was very demanding, but the vocalist gave an excellent performance, winning the acclaim of fans and critics. The album Tożsamość (Identity) recorded by Grzegorz with Turbo in 2005 was a comeback to the classic, metal rock style the group presented since the mid-80s, which was the style Grzegorz opted for, seeing in it the true identity of the group, and from which they unfortunately tended to stray. The album was very successful among both fans and critics. According to the prestigious Gitara i Bas ( Guitar and Bass) magazine, it was the Best Album of the Year 2005 in "hard and heavy" category. It should be noted, that most of the great arranges from the acoustic bonus for the album were inspired by Grzegorz and were the expression his ideas of originality and uniqueness specific for that kind of concert. The Metalmania 2005 concert began the promotion of the album’s material, and the first in the history of the group DVD celebrated their 25th anniversary. In the same year Polish Television TVP invited Grzegorz Kupczyk and Turbo to perform at JEDYNKA SOPOT 2005 FESTIVAL their great hit Grown Up Children with Wiesław Pieregorórka Orchestra. Unfortunately, things at Turbo were looking worse and worse, and in April 2007, right after Metalmania tour, Grzegorz decided to leave the band for good and devote himself solely to his own group CETI. The reasons for splitting up with his first important group were complex, but the main one was probably the difference in seeing the further direction of the group’s development and its image. Right before that, in March 2007, came out the first after 4 years studio recorded album CETI entitled (...) perfecto mundo (...) (Perfect World), which was a combination of heavy and classical music. It was a starting point of a very important event, which was a symphonic project realized in 2008 and inspired by Monika A. Gąsiorek’s artistic Agency M-ART (who represents the Artist to this day). Grzegorz Kupczyk is so far the only hard rock artist in Poland who has prepared and recorded on CD a very unique and original concert with his group, a symphonic orchestra and a choir, entitled Akordy Słów czyli rock metal symfonicznie ( The Accords of Words i.e. Rock Metal Symphonically). In this project we can, for the first time in Poland, hear hard&heavy group’s repertoire arranged for symphonic orchestra and choir, creating an unusual Hard Rock Symphony with over 100 performers on stage. The premiere performance took place in 2008, and the album, recorded during the first concert at OSiR hall with Kalisz Philharmonics conducted by Adam Klocek, was released in Warsaw in May 2009 at a special concert at Sowiński Park. The project was also presented, among others, on Wszyscy Śpiewamy na Rockowo (Everybody Sings Rock) Festival in 2010, in 2011 in Adam Mickiewicz Hall in Poznań with choir and orchestra of F. Chopin Music School` which Grzegorz Kupczyk once attended, and during celebrations of 100th Anniversary of Poznań Great Theatre and Opera with musicians and quartet of and above mentioned school conducted by Wiesław Bednarek.

The album Akordy Słów was in the top ten of TERAZ NAJLEPSI (THE BEST NOW) ranking of the TERAZ ROCK (ROCK NOW) magazine in 2010. Grzegorz Kupczyk is also the only Polish hard rock artist whose biography Spowiedż Kupczyka (Kupczyk’s Confession) in the form of an extensive interview was published together with the full (at the time of its release) discography of the Artist. The book by Daniel Wolak had its premiere in December 2009. The Artist’s biography can also be found in numerous publications such as WHO IS WHO, ENCYKLOPEDIA POLSKIEGO ROCKA (POLISH ROCK ENCYCLOPEDIA), ARCHIWUM POLSKIEGO ROCKA (POLISH ROCK ARCHIVE) and many others, also abroad, e.g. in ENCYCLOPEDIA METALLUM or SPRIT OF THE METAL, and almost all the albums of the Artist can be found in DISCOGCS or BILLBOARD archives. Grzegorz Kupczyk has also cooperated with media, for example as a radio presenter of Merkury Radio in Poznań, where he had an audition ‘Z-ROCK 50’, and with music papers such as Gitara i bass and Hardrocker, where he published his popular guitar lessons and tips for the young adepts of heavy playing. His personality was recognized and portrayed in BBC document on history of Polish Rock entitled Beast Of Freedom, and performed by the Artist one of his greatest hits Grown Up Children was used to promote the document in Poland and Europe, as well as to promote Polish culture during its presidency of the EU. It also featured in many films and documents portraying the picturesque history of Polish Rock, and became a kind of an anthem and a part of both Polish history and a mass culture. It was however both a blessing and a curse for the Artist, whose unique interpretation and voice was to be always associated with that particular song and its historical connotations. Back in 2010 he worked on the project called LAST WARRIOR with young musicians of Tipsy Train from Lublin, in which he use the biggest hits of his authorship performed once with Turbo but associated mainly with his voice and original interpretations. After leaving Turbo in 2007 Grzegorz Kupczyk sang with them again twice, as a guest. First time it took place during the 20th anniversary of gaining Independence on Teatralny Place in Warsaw in 2009, where his participation and original performance of historical rock anthems was a necessary condition for the band to appear, both for the main organizer of the event Stołeczna Estrada and for the broadcaster Polsat TV. There, as a friendly gesture, Grzegorz agreed to perform together with the new vocalist of the group, who got a chance to appear next to him on a stage. The other time Grzegorz performed with Turbo as a guest was after quite unexpected (because of rather hostile attitude of the musicians towards their former vocalist, expressed frequently on the Internet forums and other media) Wojciech Hoffman’s invitation to take part in the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the group. Then, in 2010, putting aside his personal feelings, Grzegorz performed with his first truly professional formation in Blue Note club in both his and the band’s hometown Poznań for the last time. And so, after many years, finished the Artist’s work with his ‘mother group’ (as he likes to call it himself); at least so far. In 2011 Grzegorz Kupczyk with CETI recorded their newest album entitled Ghost Of the Universe Behind The Black Curtain, which was published (for the first time in Poland) by the band’s own publishing company called Urbix for EMI MUSIC POLAND. The first edition of the album was almost completely sold out during the first week of sale, and received critical acclaim, proclaiming it the album in league with the world’s leading rock bands, ‘a breath of fresh air’ with an original sound, etc. in magazines such as TERAZ ROCK, HMP, as well as in RADIO DLA CIEBIE (RADIO FOR YOU), ESKA ROCK, RADIOWA TRÓJKA, 1st PROGRAMME OF POLISH RADIO and many others. A similarly enthusiastic reception received the Artist’s 30th Jubilee album recorded in 2012 and called simply Grzegorz Kupczyk XXX lat (Grzegorz Kupczyk 30 Years), as there was not much to say – the music speaks for itself. It was also released by Urbix for EMI, and it also enjoys wide success. Both those latest releases were also appreciated abroad, in the USA, France and GB among others, by respected music magazines. The big concert organized to celebrate Grzegorz’s 30th anniversary on the 21st of April 2012 in Warsaw in Progresja club, where next to him performed many Grzegorz’s friends from CETI, NON IRON and KRUK, as well as the musicians from PANZER X (Peter and Pająk) and LAST WARRIOR, was a huge success too. At the moment, both CD i DVD with materials recorded at that great event are prepared for release.
Grzegorz Kupczyk features on 59 releases with TURBO, CETI, NON IRON, and as a guest on others:

With CETI:

Czarna róża (Black Rose) 1989 
Lamiastrata 1992
Extasy ‘93 Live  1993
Maxi Promotion EP 1994
Rasizm (Racism) 1994
W imię prawa (In the Name of Law) 1999
Demony czasu (Demons of Time) 2000
Shadow of the Angel 2003
Living Angel – Live, 2004
Living Shadow of the Angel DVD, 2004
The Best From Hard Zone Part One 2006
The Best From Light Zone Part Two 2006
(…) Perfecto Mundo (…) 2007
Akordy słów (Accords of Words) CD/DVD 2009
Ghost Of The Universe Behind The Black Curtain 2011

With Non Iron:

Innym Niepotrzebni (Not Needed by Others) as a guest
Candles & Rain 1990 Metal Mind Productions
Non Iron ‘91 1991 Polton

With Turbo:

Dorosłe dzieci (Grown Up Children) 1982
Smak ciszy (Taste of Silence) 1985
Kawaleria szatana (Satan’s Cavalry) 1986
Ostatni wojownik (The Last Warrior) 1987
Alive! 1988
Last Warrior, 1988
Epidemic 1989
Awatar (Avatar) 2001
Tożsamość (Identity) 2004
The History 2006 

With Other Bands:


DRAGON – Horde of Gog – 1989 (Metal Master Records, guest vocal)
DRAGON - Fallen Angel (1990, MFN Intercord, guest vocal)
PANZER X - Steel Fist - 2006
KRUK - Memories – 2006
AION - Reconciliation (2000, Metal Mind Productions, guest vocal)
ESQURIAL - Klassika (2004, Empire Records, guest vocal)
CHAINSAW - The Journey into the Heart of Darkness (2005, Empire Records, guest vocal)
CHAINSAW - Acoustic Strings Quartet (2008, Oskar, guest vocal)
RED PINK - Live in Toscana (2006)

Featured As a Guest On:


Acid Flamenco [track Rumba o gitarze cz. 2 (Rumba about the guitar part 2)] 1995
EP Biełe sale - album dedicated to raise money for hospices 1997
Pokémony 1999 – soundtrack for animation, where Grzegorz Kupczyk featured with other Polish artists and solo in the track Możesz Wszystko (You Can Do Anything)
Reconciliation (track Headless Cross from Black Sabbath repertoire) 2000 – with Aion
A Polish Tribute to The Sisters Of Mercy – compilation, track Detonations Boulevard 2007
Live in Toscana 2006 – with Red Pink
Artur Morgan Project – EP with Nie byłem nigdy sam (I Was Never Alone), Jestem znów sam (Alone Again), Bieg do mety (Race to the Finish Line), Be My Dream


For the XVth and XXth Anniversary of Artistic Work:

Moje urodziny – 15 lat (My Birthday – 15 Years) 1995
Aksamitny sen – Grzegorz Kupczyk i Przyjaciele (Velvet Dream – Grzegorz Kupczyk and Friends) 1996
Grzegorz Kupczyk i Przyjaciele, 20012000 Live (Grzegorz Kupczyk and Friends 20012000 Live) 2000


For the XXXth Anniversary of Artistic Work:
„GRZEGORZ KUPCZYK XXX Lat" (luty 2012)
In preparation to release a DVD with the 30th Anniversary Concert from Progresja club in Warsaw on 21.04.12 – official bootleg

Grzegorz Kupczyk has been officially represented since 2008 solely by AGENCJA ARTYSTYCZNA M-ART:

M-ART Artistic Agency
Monika A. Gąsiorek
+48 510 302 717
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Arist’s fanclub website:

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